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15th September 2004

gapgirl007912:59pm: Does any one else believe that the universe used to be comprised of a black hole that exploded and now it's a black hole in reverse. And one day when our universe reaches it maximum potential that black holes will grow and consume the universe. And this whole thing will start again? And if so how do you apply all this to your faith?
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31st August 2004

gapgirl00793:06am: Another Quote.
Here is a quote from my Native American Book.:

"In every human hear there is a deep spiritual hunger for an abiding belief is some future existence. Such as faith stabilizes character, and many of our young people have no such anchor for their souls."
-Thomas Wildcat Wilford
Shawnee, 1930
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16th August 2004

gapgirl00793:42pm: The smarter a man is the more he needs God to protect him from thinking he knows everything
- George Webb, Pima
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15th August 2004

gapgirl00791:06pm: Daily Dose?
So I got this book, 365 Days of Walking the Red Road. It's a Native American book to leading a more spiritual life. It has a quote for every day of the year I want to post it, but that would be a post everyday. I don't know if it would be a good thing. What do you think? Here is today so you can get a feel for what they are like:

My people were wise. They never neglected the young or failed to keep before them deeds done by illustrious men of the tribe. Our teachers were willing and thorough. They were our grandfathers, fathers, or uncles. All were quick to praise excellence without speaking a word that might break the spirit of a boy who might be less capable than others. The boy who failed at any lesson got only more lessons, more care, until he was as far as he could go.
-Chief Plenty Coups,
Crow, 1848-1932
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6th August 2004

eamaneimmortal12:58pm: Intro

New Aged/Wiccan
An it harm none, do as ye will. You are a fluffy bunny. You wouldn't harm a fly. Actually, you might demonstrate to SAVE the flies! Than again, you're probably busy casing love spells, using a psychic talent, being a Vegetarian or trying to save the Rainforests. Either way, you're harmless

I guess this is where I should introduce myself... I'm Bri. I'll be 17 on monday, and I believe that nonism falls under new-age since it's a new idea. Of course, I'm not harmless either, so this quiz is fucked. Props to Tiffany for making the Nonist symbol on the computer. I remember when we first came up with that together, walking down the streets of puyallup... **memories**
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4th August 2004

gapgirl007912:12am: Creation
So I was watching History International and this special was on about how the world and the universe came to be. They had specialist in fields and I got to thinking how could anyone just take one side and believe in that and only that? Also some of the specialist were making fun of the other ideas. How would they like it if their beliefs were mocked by some narrow minded individual?
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30th July 2004

gapgirl007912:42am: NONism
I figured that by the growing popularity of NONism it desevered a place to live and breathe. Now it can become more than an idea. I hope it becomes something I can be proud of.
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